Personalized selling with 3D product configurators

When was the last time you wanted to buy something and were unsure whether you liked the color or features of a product? When I was choosing a canopy for the front door on my house, I was very unsure that the model I wanted would actually look good and what size and color I should choose. Apart from photos, there was no opportunity to take a closer look at the product. I really missed that. That’s why it took me a long time to finally decide on a model.

Fortunately, there are more and more sites that offer a personalized shopping experience. This is particularly useful for products that are offered in a large number of variants.

With a 3D product configurator, companies can meet this need for personalization and thus significantly increase their sales opportunities.

Advantages of a 3D product configurator for companies

Using a 3D product configurator has the following advantages for companies:

  • Increased sales: Customers perceive personalized products as more valuable and are therefore more inclined to buy them. Studies show that sales can be greatly increased by using a 3D product configurator.
  • According to an Epsilon study, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that offer a personalized customer experience
  • Improved customer satisfaction: The ability to configure the product individually according to your own wishes increases customer satisfaction. This leads to greater customer loyalty and more repeat purchases.
  • More efficient processes: Using a 3D product configurator can make internal processes in the company more efficient. For example, errors in order processing can be avoided as the customer’s configuration is directly available electronically and can be processed automatically.

The second point needs to be made clear: 80% exclude offers that provide a personalized sales experience. If you don’t have one, you will lose these customers. Conversely, this means that with a good personalized sales experience, e.g. by using a 3D configurator for your product, you can achieve up to 5 times more sales. This is of course the best case. But sales increases of 100% can usually be achieved.

Advantages from the customer’s point of view

The use of a 3D product configurator also has a number of advantages for customers:

  • Individual design: Customers can design the product entirely according to their own wishes and thus receive a product that suits them perfectly.
  • Clear idea of the product: The 3D representation of the product gives customers a clear picture of what the product will look like in reality. This can make the purchase decision easier.
  • Time saving: Customers can configure the product from the comfort of their own home, saving time and money.
  • Assistance: Animations on the product allow customers to see directly what needs to be considered when assembling or installing the product.


Using a 3D product configurator is an effective way to personalize the sales process and thus increase sales opportunities. Both companies and customers benefit from the advantages offered by such a configurator.

Examples of the use of 3D product configurators

3D product configurators are used in a wide range of industries. Examples of this are

  • Furniture industry: Customers can put together their own dream piece of furniture using a 3D configurator.
  • Automotive industry: Customers can use a 3D configurator to configure their dream car and see what it will look like in reality.
  • Construction industry: Customers can put together their dream garden or house using a 3D configurator.

3D product configurators can be used in a variety of ways and offer companies the opportunity to offer their customers a unique shopping experience.

neomatt-GmbH develops the vrdoro-visualizer integrated into the VR 3D platform vrdoro. This allows 3D configurators to be created via an editor. It is therefore a configurator-configurator. This makes it easy to create personalized sales processes.

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