The new 3D VR configurator for canopies
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The 3D VR configurator vrdoro visualizer is the perfect solution for manufacturers of canopies, patio roofs and carports to increase their sales. With the configurator you can offer your customers a unique experience and motivate them to buy a canopy.

Your customers can try different materials, colors and shapes until they find the perfect canopy for their needs. Then they can see the canopy in a realistic 3D environment to get a better impression of it.

The advantages of 3D VR configurator for manufacturers of canopies, patio roofs and carports

  • Increasing customer satisfaction: the configurator provides your customers with a unique and immersive experience that motivates them to buy a canopy.
  • Increase conversion rate: The configurator helps you to guide customers further and get them to make a purchase.
  • Improved product presentation: The configurator is a great way to showcase your products and show customers how they would look in their own home.
  • Customers can configure their desired product themselves and complete the purchase directly.

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Webinars October 2023

Double sales in 6 months with 3D configurators and AI SEO texts

Do you want to double your sales? As an entrepreneur or sales representative, you have the opportunity to increase your sales in the shortest possible time with innovative technologies such as 3D product configurators and AI-generated SEO texts.

Double sales in 6 months by using 3D product configurators flanked by AI-generated SEO texts in marketing!

3D product configurators allow your customers to experience and configure products interactively. As a result, you can facilitate your customers’ buying decisions and increase your sales.

AI-generated SEO texts ensure that your products are found better on Google and other search engines. This allows you to reach more potential customers and increase your sales opportunities.Our webinar gives you an overview of the possibilities of modern VR 3D configurators. Combined with the use of AI to create search engine optimized (SEO) product descriptions for use on your websites or social media marketing, you’ll achieve more sales and more success.

In our webinar you will learn how to use 3D product configurators and AI-generated SEO texts for your business. Webinar sessions last 40 to 50 minutes with an FAQ session following.

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Webinar 1:

  • Monday, 17.10. – 10 am
  • Thursday, 7.10 – 10 pm

Webinar 2:

  • Wednesday, 18.10. – 4 pm
  • Friday, 20.10. – 2 pm

Webinar 3:

  • Monday, 23.10. – 2 pm
  • Wednesday, 25.10. – 10 am


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